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Commercial Boiler Maintenance

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commercial-boilerThe life of commercial boilers, and residential boilers, is the maintenance you provide for the equipment. If you provide regularly scheduled maintenance to these devices they will last many years. Most of the units will run for ten or more years without ever needing any repairs. After they are ten years old they sometimes need minor repairs from time to time. The trick is maintaining them well so that minor repairs do not escalate into major repairs.

Commercial boilers need to be housed in an area that is keep relatively clean. The room they are in does not have to be spotlessly clean, but keeping some of the dust, and debris, that can accumulate cleared out will help the unit to last much longer.

These boilers will have pressure gauges telling you what the pressure is in different parts of the equipment. It is important that companies that have commercial boilers in place have an employee that is trained to read the gauges on a regular basis and record the readings. When they notice that one of the gauges is reading a higher pressure amount than normal they need to report this situation so that the service repair technician can be called for a maintenance check of the system. Just because the gauge is reading higher, or lower, than normal does not mean that the system will need costly repairs. What it means is that the system needs to be looked at to ascertain why the readings on the gauges have changed.

Commercial boilers will also have gauges that alert you to the temperature of the water in them. You need to have an employee that watches these gauges and records their readings on a regularly scheduled basis.

There should always be fire extinguishers kept in the room that houses commercial boilers. These fire extinguishers are just a precautionary measure, but they should be located within a few feet of the unit. You should also have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the room. These items are purely precautionary, but their presence may lower your insurance cost for your fire insurance.

Having an employee that is trained to read the gauges on the commercial boilers at your factory is not the same as having a professional service technician check the system on a regular basis. You need to have both of these checks and balances in place in order for you to properly maintain these systems.

You need to have residential boilers, and heating devices, checked each year for problems within the system. The commercial boilers should be checked by a professional service technician every six months. These service check-ups should not be very expensive, but they are crucial in the life of the system. Professional technicians can check all of the different components of the system and tell you where potential complications are likely to occur. This can mean that you discover a problem before it becomes a major problem. This discovery will allow you to repair the device for less money.

When commercial boilers are installed they should always be installed by the professional service technicians. This may cost slightly more, but it will mean the warranty on the device will cover any problems that you experience during the time of warranty coverage.