Electric Boilers For Home & Business

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In recent years the rising cost of domestic power has tended to make residential electric boilers not as popular as other options such as those heated by gas. However, improvements in energy efficiency have led to a recent increase in the popularity of the electric boiler.

One advantage that electric boilers enjoy over the other alternatives is that their installation and maintenance costs tend to be less expensive. This is important to remember when you find that they are usually more expensive to buy than gas boilers. And for the more ecologically minded customers, the electric version will reduce their carbon footprint especially if they are signed up to a green electricity tariff.

Another advantage of electric boilers over other types of boiler is that they are compact, thereby saving on space. This has led to many building developers choosing to have them being installed in flats and apartments, but they are also very popular in rural areas where piped gas is not available.

As with every type of boiler the electric version needs to be regularly serviced and maintained for it to operate at its most optimum efficiency. It is essential that the unit is serviced once a year by a qualified technician and that any faulty parts or ones showing signs of wear are replaced immediately.

There are several types of electrical boiler available for consumers including the combination-boiler which produces hot water on demand. Of course the deciding factors on choosing th4e electric boiler for you will depend on the type of property you are living in, as well as cost and personal preference.

The Business of Boilers

The value of the innocuous boiler can often be overlooked in a business. When you’re running an office dedicated to marketing innovative new brands of toothpaste, a well running boiler can seem a little abstract, after the cost of paying all your workers all day long paying for heating bills and business electricity prices can be the last thing you want to think about.

But remember to bear in mind that humble little heater, it can benefit your business in ways hard to imagine.

The main function is overall staff morale, although a warm team will rarely furnish you with all that much thanks for the privilege of blasting central heating, a cold workforce won’t function. Being cold is not only uncomfortable but distracting too, a cold environment will seep a dreary atmosphere through an office.

Cold staff sitting in discomfort will become increasingly irritable and quicker to snap at each other making tiny disputes into full blown office wars, cold workers will be more distracted from their work as the effort of shivering and wrapping up in more layers takes up time and a cold workforce will be far less creative. Being cold, uncomfortable and annoyed will make workers care more about speedy resolution to tasks that relaxed workers who will be more inclined to take the time they need to sit in comfort and properly think about problems to create the most innovative solutions.

Clients and customers too like to see heated premises. When outsiders are deciding whether or not to do business with your company they are judging every aspect, and if you can’t even manage to heat your office properly, or if you have a grumbling ancient boiler threatening all manner of collapsing, it will cause a very bad impression.

Keeping a well maintained commercial boiler is also important to avoid disruption. Being without effective insurance will lead to all sorts of problems if the boiler breaks down. Whereas having comprehensive insurance eases the process of a broken down boiler to minimum hassle as they automatically send a mechanic around and will take care of any issues to do with repair or replacement, not having that help already there means needing to find it all yourself. Time spent struggling fixing a boiler means time spent not earning money and making the business a success.

So remember the value of your business’ boiler. It might not seem like much, but a well maintained and insured boiler goes a long way indeed towards making your workers happy, impressing clients and ensuring your business can be done with minimum distractions, leaving your workers free to do their jobs for you.